PalmSecure ID Access PSN900

PalmSecure ID Access PSN900

  • 19 Nov 2016
  • PalmSecure ID Access PSN900
  • Fujitsu

PalmSecure ID Access PSN900


PalmSecure ID di accesso PSN900 è un dispositivo ideale per il controllo fisico accessi e presenze. Utilizza la tecnologia di scansione vena FUJITSU PalmSecure. Il terminale PSN900 con sensore PalmSecure integrato garantisce l’autenticazione biometrica avanzata ed è facile da integrare in infrastrutture hardware esistenti. Per l’autenticazione a più fattori, il sistema può essere combinato con altri fattori di autenticazione, come pin pad o tecnologie smart card.

Technical details

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions (W x D x H) 132 x 38 x 302 mm
Technical specification Fujitsu PalmSecure ID ACCESS PSN900
Physical Access Control & Time Attendance Terminal
PSN900 A: Mifare card reader + PalmSecure sensor
PSN900 C: HID card reader + PalmSecure sensor
PSN900 E: PalmSecure sensor onlyTouch Screen 12,7 cm (5.0″) (800*480)Smart Card Reader contactless
PSN900A: Mifare Reader
PSN900C: HID card reader

Memory Capacity 4GB and expandable

Speaker 1W

1 x USB Interface

Interface LAN(10/100M)
Other Interface Wiegand 26/34
Electric Lock/Exit Button/Alarm
Tamper contact and alarm for removal

Palm Vein(1:N Identification)
Smart Card or PIN Code + Palm Vein (1:1)
FRR:0.01%, FAR:x‹0.00008%
User Capacity
1:N Mode: Max 1000IDs
1:1 Mode: Max 200,000IDs and extensible
Authentication Speed
1:N Mode x‹3s (Nx‹100)
1:1 Mode x‹1s,Event Log: 10000 records

Features and functions Vein pattern hidden under the skin makes forgery very difficult,Unique even among identical twins ,Never changes – stays same throughout life,Detectable only when blood is flowing
Warranty period 2 years (depending on country)
Warranty type Bring-In / Send-In Service (depending on country)


FUJITSU Accessory PalmSecure ID Access PSN900 is an ideal device for physical access control and time & attendance solution using FUJITSU PalmSecure vein scanning technology.

The PSN900 terminal with integrated PalmSecure sensor ensures advanced biometric authentication and is easy to integrate into existing hardware infrastructures. For multifactor authentication the system can be combined with other authentication factors like pin pad or SmartCard technologies.

High Security „

  • Vein pattern hidden under the skin makes forgery very difficult „
  • Unique even among identical twins „
  • Never changes – stays same throughout life „
  • Detectable only when blood is flowing


High Accuracy „

  • Palm vein patterns are very complex >5 million reference points „
  • Palm veins insensitive against environment (cold temperature, creamy hands, skin scratches )


High Acceptance „

  • Very hygienic due to non-contact operation to sensors „
  • Fast, easy and intuitive to use
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